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Financial Aid


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is a student’s request to be considered for federal financial aid, which includes federal grants and loans. The FAFSA is free to complete. Go to to complete the application now. There are federal and state deadlines of when the FAFSA should be completed. Keep in mind that institutions may also have their own deadlines. To find out the deadline of your state, visit Student Aid Deadlines .
The UMBC priority deadline for completing the FAFSA is February 14th! Remember, apply online by Valentine’s to receive the maximum aid package! Visit the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships website for more detailed information.

Wish you could learn a general overview of the FAFSA is just a few short minutes? Well, you’re in luck! Visit the link below to watch a video on the FAFSA presented by FederalStudentAid.

Use the FAFSA4caster, a free financial aid calculator, to help give you an early estimate of your federal student aid eligibility and to help estimate your college costs.

Visit the links below to access more information about the FAFSA: