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How to Budget?

It creeps around every corner. It emerges out of nowhere. The thought of it sends shivers up your spine. BEWARE… OF… A BUDGET! Overly dramatic?
Yes! Creating a budget is not as scary as you may think. The benefits of creating a budget are substantial, and it is easy to get started in just
a few simple steps. Don’t run and hide from a budget, create one now to help you reach your financial goals.

Budgets are necessary. You already know budgets are important, and that you need one, so how do you get started?

Follow the links below to find easy how-to guides on creating a budget:

Looking for additional information? Follow the link below to CNN Money’s 10 steps to making a budget:

Need to see it to believe it? Follow the links below for helpful videos on budgeting:

Check out this video from TYT University

This video from The Money Charity talks about “How to make a budget and stay on top of your money.”

There are a variety of tools available to assist you with creating and maintaining a budget. Budget calculators are one great, easy to use tool, that can guide you in budgeting your personal finances.
Follow the links below to access different online budget calculators: