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Managing Your Money at UMBC

There are many useful tools to help you manage your funds at UMBC. Start your financial journey by logging into myUMBC regularly.
Important financial information that requires your attention will be displayed as “Alerts” as soon as you log in.
Read your Alerts and acknowledge them. Take action immediately as directed to avoid late fees, delays in posting of financial aid, and assignment to collections.


The next stop on your financial journey will be to explore the Billing & Personal Finances Topic page on myUMBC. This page is your one-stop source for financial information. Here you can view e-bills, view your account in real-time, enroll in the monthly payment plan, track an e-refund, add funds to your campus card, review financial aid information, and much, much more!

You can follow the link below to go directly to the “Billing & Personal Finances” page:
Billing and Personal Finances

General Student Billing Assistance and Frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be found here:


Campus Card Clarity

Is it the red card or the black card? Both cards can help you save money and remain financially healthy. Here are some tips to help you become UMBC card savvy!

Campus Card ID

manage_redIDYour Campus card ID (Red Card with your picture and an ID # made up of 2 letters followed by 5 numbers) is the official UMBC ID. If asked for ID on campus, that is the one to show so make sure to look nice for that picture!
Read more about this card and its many useful features here:


manage_ERefundsCardIf you’re like most students you probably don’t have a lot of cash on hand and the word “refund” brings a smile to your face and the sun to a cloudy day! There are some key things that you should know to ensure your refund is received timely and accurately. UMBC issues refunds electronically via the e-refund card.
The e-refund card is a MasterCard debit card that can be selected for refund deposits.

E-Refund Envelope

green_envelope_2010All students receive the e-refund card in the mail in a bright green envelope.

This card is required to select one of three delivery options UMBC students have to receive their refunds.
The three delivery options are:

  • Direct deposit of funds to an existing bank account.
  • Direct deposit of funds to the e-refund card (tied to a Higher One bank account.)
  • Check mailed to the address on record.

Read more about it here: