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Negotiating Salary

Imagine for a moment that you’ve just received the call you’ve been waiting so anxiously for since graduation. That’s right, you’ve landed your dream job! All things considered, this job is a bona fide, certified match with your skills and will surely take you in the direction you seek for your career. Congrats are in order! Only one problem – the salary falls short of what you had expected. Do you:

  1. Recall that the manager mentioned in your interview that there were hundreds of well-qualified applicants; be grateful they offered you the job and keep it moving?
  2. Call the manager back and (in your Jerry McGuire voice) declare that he “Show you the money”?
  3. Respectfully and tactfully, remind the manager of your unique personal qualities and your stand out qualifications and ask if the salary is negotiable?

I think you know the answer so check out our Resources section to the right to learn more about negotiating a salary….