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Click on the 1-minute video below for easy instructions on how to enroll in CashCourse!


UMBC provides a free self-paced financial education program via BlackBoard. CashCourse is complete with presentations, informational guides, games, and how-tos on everything from bank accounts to investing.

CashCourse Badge

All students who complete the full CashCourse will earn a FinancialSmarts Badge from UMBC. The badge can be prominently displayed in myUMBC and social media accounts…such as Facebook and LinkedIn. To learn more about the cash course badge click here.

CashCourse Prize

Each fall, the FinancialSmarts program offers three prizes to students who complete the CashCourse! Students who complete all course modules by September 15 are entered to win a $500 scholarship! Students who complete two modules are entered to win $300, and students who complete one module are entered to win $100. All prizes are delivered to students as scholarships.

Recipients of the CashCourse Grant Program are not eligible for the CashCourse prize drawing.

Fall 2020 CashCourse Giveaway Winners:

Roxey Alam for completing at least 1 module won $100!

Zaira Girala for completing at least 2 modules won $300!


Katie Slotten for completing the entire CashCourse won $500!

Past Winners: