Financial Smarts @ UMBC

Feeling a bit clueless when it comes to financial matters?
You’re not alone … Check out this video from MyIGrad's YouTube Channel!

Financial Smarts @ UMBC provides you with the tools necessary to make informed and effective decisions about your finances. Managing money is an important part of your daily life and we encourage you to be well versed in this important life skill that many find challenging.

Our goal is to provide you timely and relevant resources so that you are as well-prepared to manage your budgets, bank accounts, assets and debt as you are to master your academic pursuit.

Get financially smart now! This website is a living site. If you find anything particularly helpful or lacking, we want to know about it. The UMBC Financial Literacy Team contributes to and monitors the content of this website. Get to know the team.


Healthy Retrievers

Healthy Retrievers uses Healthy Campus 2020 to provide the framework for improving the overall health status on our campus. Healthy Campus 2020 includes national health objectives for students, faculty and staff. Check out more information by visiting the website.